1773 Club


About the 1773 Club

On December 16, 1773, a meeting was organized by the Sons of Liberty and chaired by Samuel Adams at Boston’s Old South Meeting House.  The meeting was one of a series that had been organized to address the considerable objections of the colonists to the Tea Act.  After Adams announced, “This meeting can do nothing further to save the country,” a band of between 30 and 130 men, some thinly disguised as American Indians, left the meeting bound for Boston Harbor.  The men then boarded the Dartmouth, the Eleanor, and the Beaver and dumped 342 chests of tea into the sea to protest both the tax and the manner in which it had been imposed.

This was the Boston Tea Party.  Its participants are our philosophical forebearers—common people standing up against the intrusion of government and the unfair imposition of taxes.

The Steamboat Institute is proud to present 1773 Club programs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The 1773 Club events are named in honor of the brave patriots who participated in the Boston Tea Party.  The Steamboat Institute regularly brings nationally-known speakers to Steamboat Springs for 1773 Club events to discuss issues, educate on current matters affecting our country, and inspire active participation in supporting our principles.

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