Jim Geringer

Jim Geringer is fond of saying that he is an engineer by education, farmer by choice and Governor by accident.  Geringer served two terms as Wyoming Governor, during which he focused on improving education, modernizing Wyoming’s economic base to include technology and changing how natural resource agencies among state, federal and local governments worked together.

Geringer is a member of the Committee on America’s Climate Choices under the National Academies, served on the Mapping Sciences Committee under the National Research Council; Western Interstate Energy Board; Board member of NatureServe and co-chair of Policy Consensus Initiative.  He is the current Chair of the Board of Trustees of Western Governors University.

Geringer joined Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) in the summer of 2003, as Director of Policy and Public Sector Strategies, to work with senior elected and corporate officials on how to use geospatial technology for place-based decisions in business and government.

Geringer has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University that enabled 10 years active and 12 years reserve service in the U.S. Air Force, working with unmanned space programs of Air Force and NASA.  He worked on the Global Positioning Satellite System, remote-sensing early detection/warning systems, the Interim Upper Stage for the Space Shuttle, the Mars Viking Lander, activation of the Peacekeeper missile system and disaster recovery from nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.

Governor Geringer and his wife Sherri have five children and ten grandchildren.  They reside in Cheyenne, Wyoming.