Dr. Hal C. Scherz

Dr. Hal C. Scherz is a renowned Pediatric Urologist practicing in Atlanta Georgia. He is also serving as the President of Docs 4 Patient Care (D4PC).  His training has taken him from New York to Texas to California at some of the most well regarded institutions in American Medicine. He is a full time practicing urologist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and is an Asst. Professor at Emory University. He has one of the few fellowship training programs in Pediatric Urology in the US and serves as a principal investigator on numerous studies in his field of expertise and a reviewer for several peer reviewed journals in Urology.

“I share this story not to pat myself on the back for my success in advocacy, but rather to excite you about what’s possible. Two years ago I didn’t know the first thing about advocacy; I knew nothing about starting an organization to advance a cause. I knew that I was smart, passionate, relentless, and tireless and I knew that if I didn’t do everything that I could to stop something that I thought was so thoroughly wrong, I could no longer look at myself in the mirror. I would no longer have any right to complain. And I certainly wouldn’t know what I would say to my (not-yet-born) grandchildren, if one day they asked me what I did to stop the destruction of our healthcare system. As a result, I now devote about 25-30 hours a week, without compensation, to a cause that must be fought for by doctors.”