Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver Cooke is the director of the Colorado Transparency Project and founder of Mothers Against Debt (MAD) for the Independence Institute, Colorado’s free market, state-based think tank.  She has been with II since 2004.

Amy’s primary role is to investigate government spending at all levels and then explain how that spending affects family budgets.  Her work on transparency earned her an appointment to the Long Term Fiscal Stability Commission from House Minority Leader Mike May.

She is also the host of the award winning Amy Oliver Show heard on News Talk 1310 KFKA Monday through Friday from 9 to 11 am. In 2008, the Colorado Broadcasters Association recognized her as the best News Talk personality in a major market.

Her first MAD video “Baby ball-and-chain,” designed to draw attention to what government spending is doing to our children’s national debt, garnered national attention on Fox and Friends and continues to dominate search engines and YouTube. She started Citizen Auditors, where she travels around the state training residents how to examine local, school district and state government spending. Also, she founded Citizens Against School Bullies, which defeated a local $16 million tax increase despite being out spent 90 to 1.

Amy contributes to three blogs including Mothers Against Debt, (COST) and

She writes for Liberty Ink Journal and Save Our States. She has written numerous opinion editorials, issue papers and issue backgrounders. Her current series of opinion editorials with William Yeatman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute exposes the high cost of Colorado’s “new energy economy,” a supposed model for renewable energy for the rest of the country.

Amy’s paper titled Unabashed Bias exposed how the Denver daily papers campaigned for rather than reported on Colorado’s largest tax increase and wonher “Best Right-Wing Media Criticism” from the Denver Westword.

Amy earned a degree in journalism in 1985 fromthe prestigious University of Missouri-Columbia. In 2003, she earned a graduate degree in American History from the University of Northern Colorado.