Marcus Fotenos

Emerging Leaders Advisory Council

Marcus Fotenos is the Student Body President of External Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In this position, he works and fights for the students of CU in regards to the administration, Boulder County, the State of Colorado, and any other external bodies.  He truly believes that college is an environment that should be a marketplace of ideas leading him to author a resolution that calls for the administration to make every square inch of campus a “free speech zone.” He hopes to protect the growth of the campus culture, and the rights of all students. Additionally, Marcus was recently elected to serve as the Inter-campus Student Forum Chair in which he is the liaison between the CU Board of Regents and the students on all four CU campuses.  It is his hope to graduate with a dual degree in business management and entrepreneurship, as well as a minor in political science. As for the future, just like most college sophomores it is very unclear- the only hope is he makes it through the next 3 years so he can find out.