Tony Blankley Fellows

  • Carrie Sheffield

    Carrie Sheffield is the 2021-22 Tony Blankley Fellow for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism. She is a Senior Policy Analyst… Read More
  • Patrice Onwuka

    Patrice Onwuka is a political commentator and director of the Center for Economic Opportunity at the Independent Women’s Forum. Patrice… Read More
  • Saagar Enjeti

    Saagar Enjeti is the cohost of Breaking Points on YouTube. He was named 2019-20 Tony Blankley Fellow by Steamboat Institute. Read More
  • Amber Athey

    Amber Athey is the Washington Editor at Spectator USA and the host of the “Unfit to Print” podcast. She was… Read More
  • Philip Wegmann

    Philip Wegmann is White House Correspondent for Real Clear Politics. He previously wrote for The Washington Examiner and has done… Read More
  • Kelsey Bolar

    Kelsey Bolar is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum. Previously she served as a Senior News Producer… Read More
  • Tom Rogan

    Tom Rogan is a member of the Commentary Desk of the Washington Examiner. He has written for The Weekly… Read More