Scout Ennis

Emerging Leaders Advisory Council

Scout Ennis grew up in Boulder, Colorado and was raised in a liberal household where conservative principles were rarely promoted or idealized. Scout was introduced to conservatism in college after observing how third-wave feminism victimizes women and degrades masculinity. Through this experience, Scout realized that conservative principles were the answer to economic prosperity, social ailments, and maintaining the American dream.

Scout received her BA in anthropology from CU Boulder in 2016. While receiving her degree in anthropology, Scout became particularly interested in black conservatives, their demonization in anthropological literature and in the media, and sought to understand how they became conservative. This was the topic of her honors thesis, “Black Republicans: A Minority within a Minority,” which was published in 2016.

Scout is the former Vice Chair of the Boulder County Republicans and is currently serving as their Executive Director. Scout is also currently a small business owner working toward developing a business model that aims to bring objectivity and public interest back to the field of anthropology. Scout believes that anthropology can interest the public if anthropologists can remove their political biases and study events that are of interest scientifically and politically.